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Aim Of The Game
Game Menu
Rules & Tips


Once upon a time a powerful Emperor reigned a land called Yonium. It was your father. One day a devil spirit, called Dark Emperor, tried to destroy your father's Empire. During a two weeks long battle the Dark Emperor could finally be banished to the Dark Empire, but in this battle also your father died.

After that the Empire began to decay and you had to go leave the country.

Today no one knows who you really are. Now it's time to succeed to the throne.
But you have to hurry, time is running away! In the year 1500 the Dark Emperor is coming back! If you are not the new Emperor until then, you have lost the game.

Aim Of the Game

You have to become the new Emperor of your land before the year 1500. On your way to the throne there are some problems to solve: you have to build a new castle (to a certain extend), you also have to reach a big popularity among the population, which has to exist of a certain number of people. Everytime you are able to use different strategies.

As soon as you become the new Emperor, your country will be united, and the Dark Emperor will be beaten for all times.

Game Menu

Finish Round: After changing the conditions in your country you can finish the round. At the end of each round you will get a report, which tells you more details about taxes, profits, increase or drop in turnover, popularity, etc.

Build: Here you can build different kinds of buildings.

Trade: If you have enough market places you can sell and buy goods.
From one market place up > Food rations
From five market places up > Iron
From ten market places up > Weapons
The prices for food depend on the success of the harvest. A poor harvest means high prices. Compared to them the prices for iron and weapons are stable.

Army: Here you can recruit soldiers. But think of the rule that tells you, that every soldier needs his own weapon. At least you loose one inhabitant by recruiting one. Keep in mind that you need 200 inhabitants of free disposal in your country.

Tax & Food Rations: Here you can regulate the distribution of food for the inhabitants. The more food you distribute, the more popular you will become. This also means more children and more immigrants for your country.
The lower you keep the taxes the more popularity you will achieve. The inhabitants will stay in your country and more immigrants will come, but then you also have less money in the treasure chamber.

Advisor: He places conditions and tells you what you have to do in order to achieve a higher level.

Report: Here you can read through the last year's reports. At the end of each round you get a report from the last year, where you get information about the revenue from taxation and the markets. Very important are also the numbers of the crops.

Ranking: The following requirements you have to achieve:


Rules & Tips

Every two years you can achieve a higher level by fulfilling the conditions placed by the advisor. You have to be in time, otherwise you will have to hurry at the end.

As soon as your army consists of 500 soldiers and more, you shouldn't recruit more inhabitants.

Take always a look on the food rations and your popularity.

You win the game when you have managed to become the new Emperor!


DarkEmperor Copyright © 2002-2009 by Steffen Bott

Developed by:
Steffen Bott

Artwork by:
Alexander Scholz